Suffolk Centre Marshals Information & Support For 2024

Thank you for organising a rally for 2024 and this year documents are being provided both by printed copy and email.  

This page is specifically intended to support Suffolk Centre Marshals.

If you would like to be a Marshal or support a rally next year, please contact the Rally Secretary or see the contact details in your Rally Handbook.

Data Protection:

You are responsible for the collection and use of members information.  Under data protection you should keep the information for the time necessary and then delete it.  Rally slips should be securely shredded after the rally unless there is any need to retain them.  If you feel you have had a data breach and information may have been compromised, please advise what has happened to the Centre Secretary, as there is a process we have to follow with the Club in reporting this.

Risk Assessment Form:

A basic Risk Assessment form must be completed for the rally and sent to the Centre Secretary before the rally runs – preferably by email so these can be stored.  It is now a requirement from the Club for all marshals to do this, and the Centre has to hold copies of these for several years.  Whilst Covid-19 is no longer the main issue in these assessments, it is still circulating and should be mentioned in the assessment if it applies (i.e. hall).

Attendance List:

A copy of this is within the Finance Forms which the Treasurer holds against the accounts, a copy is also needed by the Centre Secretary to update the Attendance Database.  Please send a copy of this also after the rally via email if possible.

A copy of names and car registration for identity should be given to the Rally Chairman so he/she is aware of who is on the rally, especially if any new members. 

Finance Documents:

(please contact the Treasurer for more information)

The finance documents are provided by the Treasurer and any issue over their completion, or organising the rally, please contact him as soon as possible before the rally takes place.  Please complete these electronically, noting the Attendance List is within them set out to match our Database, wherever possible.  It is asked that accounts are sent in promptly after the rally – any issues please discuss with Treasurer.

Thank you.

Our Centre Treasurer has provided a number of documents to support you through the process.

Support Documents
Title Excel PDF
Rally Marshals Financial Information  
How to Obtain VAT Receipts  
2024 Rally Finance Forms including attendance list, Default sheet and Receipt form.  

How to Order Your Rally Plaques:

Our rally plaque supplier contact HAS CHANGED please DO NOT contact David Totman ” Panda Plaques “..


  1. Please make sure you use the new order forms below for your rally plaques and provide at least 14 days for the supplier to process your order. Please note that all plaques are now one size only.
  2. Please send artwork or artwork request 14 days prior to the booking cut off date of your rally. Send plaque numbers no later than the day after the cut off date. Late orders may result in your plaques arriving late.
  3. Do NOT over order plaques. It is possible to purchase more if you need to after your initial order is processed, these additional plaques may not arrive in time for the rally.
  4. Email or telephone your order to L.S Plaques and your order will be sent to directly to
  5. Your plaques will be posted to you in time for your rally. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact L.S. Plaques on 01473 279768.
  6. The invoice for your plaques will be sent directly to our Treasurer and part of the “admin fee” from your rally will be used to pay for the plaques. You do not have to add the cost of your plaques to your rally. It is important therefore that you only order the same number of plaques that you have vans on your rally.
Support Documents
Title Word PDF
Rally Plaque Order Form



If you need more information regarding the spacing or siting of caravans and motorhomes, please ask your rally chairman or a committee member.

It is YOUR responsibility to get it right as YOU are the rally marshal.

Centre Rally Equipment:

If you need support with rally equipment or need an extra item of equipment such as a tea urn or additional pegs or signs, please contact the Rally Equipment Officer.

Contact details can be found in the Rally Handbook or email:

Rally Equipment Rota:
A list has been completed showing who to collect your rally equipment from, and where it is scheduled to go to after your rally has finished.  Please make sure you liaise with both rally marshals to avoid any issues in collection/passing on of the equipment.  There is a list in the bag which should be checked by marshals and the Equipment Officer notified of any losses or damage

Support Documents
Title PDF
SCCC Equipment Rota 2024

A selection of SCCC road signs and other signs for the rally field are in the bag of equipment provided for your rally. Please make sure that you collect all the signs when your rally is over and double check that they are in the bag before you pass it to the next Rally Marshal.

Returning Rally Equipment:
(Please contact the Equipment Officer for more information)

It is very important that each coloured set of rally equipment is checked regularly. It is unfortunate that equipment can be lost or stolen and it helps us all if you can check the equipment when you collect it and when you pass it on. There is a list in the bag where missing items can be marked and sent to the Equipment Officer, so that any missing items can be ordered and replaced. The bag can then be collected by the next Marshal that is booked to have that particular coloured set of equipment. Your help with this is very much appreciated.


Equipment List:
The Suffolk Centre has various items of equipment available to Rally Marshals for use at their events.

Rally Marshals’ Guides for planning Future Rallies:

(Please contact the Rally Secretary for more information)

If you would like to propose a rally for next season, an information sheet and form can be downloaded from this page, or contact the Rally Secretary

Our Rally Secretary will be very happy to discuss your planned rally to ensure that your rally does not clash with other events in the programme. We also wish to prevent the temptation of members sending rally slips before the AGM in October.

It is important that you contact our Rally Secretary before you confirm dates with your Landowner / Site Manager.

Our Rally Secretary requests that Rally Marshals please confirm or book venues using the guides provided below.

Please complete the Rally Programme Form with all the information about your rally. This information will be used in the new Rally Handbook so make sure you include everything you require in the handbook. If you state “as per last year’s handbook” please be clear about any changes or variations as it is more difficult to follow up later.


There is a document that should be completed by yourself and the site to confirm the agreement for the rally.  Please forward a copy of this, or email clearly showing agreement from the site, so the Centre can hold this in case of any issues, and if need be support you as our Rally Marshal.

Your rally cannot be confirmed in the rally programme until the Rally Secretary has received your forms.

Support Documents
Title Word / Excel PDFs
Rally Marshal’s Notification List
Rally Marshal’s Information Sheet Template 
Rally Programme Form Template
Confirmation Letter Template

Safety with Tea Urns:

The SCCC Equipment Officer has received a number of questions about the safety and use of our electric and gas Tea Urns. To support Marshals we have prepared the following advice. Download the instruction sheets and pass them to your Marshals.

If you require a Tea Urn for your rally, please be sure to book well in advance with the Equipment Officer. Particularly for larger rallies that require two.

After a rally has ended, please can you ensure that the Tea Urn is collected for the next rally or returned to the Equipment Officer.

Electric Tea Urns are typically used indoors and must be sited next to a fixed 13A electric socket. This is due to there 3kW power requirement. The use of extension leads is also not advised. Marshals should not attempt to use electric tea urns on electric hook-up or where temporary power points are installed, unless specifically advised by a qualified electrician.

Gas Tea Urns can be used indoors or out doors. Do not site within 3 feet of curtains, awnings, gazebos, wind breaks etc due to fire risk. Instructions for lighting:

  1. Ensure gas bottle is securely fastened using a gas spanner
  2. Place the Gas Tea Urn on level ground (avoid grass or flammable surfaces)
  3. Fill the Urn with Water
  4. Turn gas on and pass lighter or match through lighting hole at arms length (keep your face back from flame area)
  5. When finished, switch off gas and allow Urn to cool. Remove water before moving Urn.
Support Documents
Title PDF
Advice For Using Electric Tea Urns
Advice For Using Gas Tea Urns

Elsan Points:
It is common to use an opened man-hole to dispose of grey and brown waste from our tanks. Please take care with these as they can present significant risk on the rally field to adults, children and pets. The Equipment Officer has purpose made reflective barriers that can be used to warn members and the public in order to reduce the risk of falls or accidents.

Reporting Incidents on the Rally Field:

(Please contact the Hon Secretary for more information)

It is very important that incidents are reported by the Rally Marshal / Organiser and all the information is collected at the time of the incident. Please download and use the form below to capture the relevant information and pass it to your Centre Secretary for processing.

Support Documents
Title PDF
Incident Report Form

Rally Slips:

Support Documents
Title Excel PDF
Rally Slips

Photography & Video Permission Form:

Please note that any photographs or videos involving those 18 and under that may be published in the future require a permission form to be completed by a parent/legal guardian

Support Documents
Title PDF
Photography & Video Permission Form