Just a few of the most frequently asked questions to help new members enjoy the Suffolk Centre.

How do I become a member of the Suffolk Centre?
It’s easy. When you join the Caravan and Motorhome Club, you are sent an introductory
pack that includes your membership cards and Sites Directory and Handbook. Within the
pack is a form that you can complete to nominate which Centre you wish to join. There is
no additional fee, you just need to complete and return the form to the Caravan Club or
telephone them on 01342 318813 and advise that you wish to join the Suffolk Centre.
Within a few weeks, your Suffolk Centre Rally Handbook will arrive by post. Please
remember though that your membership to any Centre is NOT automatically renewed
when your Club membership is due, regardless of how you pay for that membership.

Am I restricted to attending a rally in Suffolk?
No, as a Suffolk Centre member, you can attend any of the rallies run by the 70 or more Centres in the United Kingdom. You only have to register with one Centre and you may join any of them irrespective of where you live.

What is a rally?
A rally is simply a gathering of other like minded caravan owners with their caravans. You can enjoy a “natter”, have a few laughs and make new friends. The Centre is a friendly environment and there are bound to be others fairly new to rallying, or visitors on their first Suffolk rally.

At some rallies, the marshal may organise a social, such as a cheese and wine evening, or simple games suitable for all. Indoor and outdoor events are popular. On occasions a rally may be arranged in tandem with a larger local event. It could be a village fete or Steam Rally, or just simply local to a Zoo or Theme Park. The facilities may vary however, your Rally Handbook will advise if toilets, showers, washrooms and electric hook-ups are available.

Many weekend rallies only cost about £10 to £15 for you, your family, caravan, administration etc for the two nights. This offers very good value and allows you to get the most from your caravan.

Where are rallies held?
Click HERE to see a list of the Suffolk Centre rallies arranged for this season. You will see that there is a varied programme, some rallies will be local to you, some will be a little further a field. There is surely something for everyone.

We often visit Norfolk and Essex and have a few holiday rallies that can be as far as Cornwall, Scotland or international. Ireland, France and Switzerland are popular.

Remember, often the most enjoyable rally can be on your doorstep. Often by travelling 10 to 20 miles, you can discover something new about the area where you live.

How do I book a rally and reserve a place?
The Suffolk Centre Rally Handbook shows the name of the marshals, details of any
events and how to get there. Sometimes an indication of the cost or a deposit is
Some rallies become full very quickly and it is essential that you book in advance to
reserve your pitch. You can always telephone the marshal to see if he has room for you.
If he/she does, simply send a rally slip by post to reserve your place.  Marshals are now
asked to confirm your booking on receipt, when posted, if you either:  provide an email
address or provide a S.A.E.

Are there any directions to help me find a rally?
The Rally Handbook provides a good guide to help you find the rally. As you get near to the rally, you should see signs which show SCCC, generally on a blue or black background. Follow the signs as these will offer the best entrance to the rally site and not necessarily the most likely entrance.

When you arrive, always drive slowly and stop at the marshals’ caravan. You will need to pay the rally fee and the marshal will arrange for you to be sited. Please help by paying in cash.

What rules do I have to follow?
The Suffolk Centre rules follow guidelines laid down by the Caravan Club and are designed to ensure that the rallies are safe and respect our countryside and others around us.

The most important rules are that the speed of any vehicle must not exceed 5 mph, dogs must be kept on a lead and ball games, kite flying or cycling amongst the caravans is not permitted.

The Suffolk Centre encourages members to “Follow the Country Code”. You should also take the necessary precautions against fire.

There are a few others listed in the Rally Handbook but most of them are just common sense.

What do I do when I arrive at a rally?
When arriving at the rally venue, the Rally Marshals will usually be sited at the entrance. Stop by their caravans and book in. You will then be shown to your pitch. Follow their instructions, normally siting your caravan with your front right corner over the marker peg, with your car at the side. This will enable easy access for all vehicles.

Can I ask for help with levelling my van and setting up?
If you need help or advice during the rally, please do not hesitate in asking either the Marshals or your fellow Ralliers. You can usually get help, even if its just to lift a gas bottle or fetch fresh water.

When does the “Yellow Flag” fly?
When the rally field is wet and unsuitable for cars a yellow flag will be flown under the Centre Pennant.

Under these circumstances members must not take their cars on or off the rally field without the permission of the Rally Marshals.

This is to prevent excessive damage to the landowner’s property and your cooperation is required.

At the discretion of the Rally Marshal, Blue Badge holders may override the yellow flag.