The centre rules can also found on page 15 of the Suffolk Centre Rally Handbook.

  1. All rallies will be run in accordance with Club rules as laid down in the Sites Directory unless otherwise subject to Centre rules
  2. Payment of all donations or site fees may be made by Centre cheque or
    Cash although it is advisable to contact the venue to confirm cheques are accepted. A receipt, and when applicable, a VAT receipt, must be obtained for all payments.
  3. Proof of membership must be carried when attending a rally.
  4. At the discretion of the Committee, any member having booked to attend a rally and cancelling within 14 days of the rally, or failing to attend, will be
    required to pay a fixed non-attendance fee of £10.
  5. At the discretion of the Rally Marshal, and subject to The Caravan and Motorhome Club Rules governing tents, a small 2-man pup tent may be sited in the area usually occupied by the awning. Should a porch awning be erected a tent may be placed in the vacant area. The tent should not extend beyond the length of the caravan hitch or motorhome, or the depth of the awning.
  6. A member may, at the discretion of the rally marshal, reserve adjacent pitches.
  7. A vehicle may only be driven on the rally field by a holder of a full driving
    licence and valid insurance which entitles them to drive that class of vehicle.
  8. Dogs must be kept on a lead of no more than 3 metres in length and exercised away from the vicinity of the units. When tethered they must be confined to a radius of three metres from the unit.
  9. All vehicles are restricted to a speed of walking pace on rally sites.
  10. Ball games and kite flying are not permitted in the vicinity of vehicles and units. Drones must not be flown on the rally field or within 50 metres of a person, vehicle or building not under your control.
  11. Cycles may be ridden on the roadways of the rally field AT THE MARSHALS DISCRETION, BUT NOT BETWEEN THE VEHICLES AND UNITS.
  12. Portable generators for personal use are permitted at the discretion of the rally marshal. Owners must be in attendance whilst their generator is in use and they should not normally be used before 9 a.m. nor after 4 p.m. on any day. In emergencies outside these times, it is at rally marshal’s discretion.
  13. Members attending Suffolk Centre Rallies are recommended to have a fire
    bucket by the ‘A’ frame of their caravan or front axle of their unit.



  1. Barbecues should not be lit in or near awnings, Charcoal barbecues should be well soaked with water before disposal and must not be emptied into hedges or other flammable materials.
  2. Chemical toilets MUST NOT be washed out at drinking water points and must only be emptied at designated point.
  3. You are advised to always carry a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your caravan. These should be regularly inspected to ensure their usefulness in an emergency.
  4. Parental control must be exercised over children at all times. Parents are reminded of the dangers of leaving young children unsupervised in caravans; the children’s safety and behaviour remain the parents responsibility.
  5. You must park as directed by the rally marshals. Normal practice is to place the off side front corner of the caravan to the pitch marker and the tow car to the offside of the caravan.
  6. If you are expecting visitors, you should notify the rally marshals and tell your visitors to report to the rally marshal on arrival so they can be properly directed.
  7. Rally marshals are volunteer members of the centre who are responsible for the organisation and conduct of the event, Rally marshals must ensure compliance with all arrangements made with landowners etc. You are therefore asked to comply with any request from the rally marshals concerning the running of the event. In particular you must report to the rally marshals on arrival at the site.
  8. When the rally field is wet and unsuitable for vehicular movement, a yellow flag will be flown. This rule is to prevent excessive damage to the landowner’s property and applies to all vehicles even those with 4-wheel drive. You must not move your vehicle on, off or about the rally field without the express permission of the rally marshals.
  9. Electric Hook Up Use On Rallies – The clubs stance regarding compliance with the “Electrical Wiring Regulations” and the updated requirements is that a cable supplying a caravan must be of one single length, without any connections (including splitters). These rules are the current wiring regulations and information is also stated in the Sites Directory, that no cable connections joining two or more cables together are permitted. Guests are welcome to have an electric cable plugged in from their outfit into their awning, like many do for heaters etc. The issue is that the use of splitters does not comply with the current wiring regulations and as a result any damage caused by using such a splitter either to the caravans or the supply side (i.e landowner’s property. It would be the responsibility of the centre to pay for and rectify etc and any insurance would be null and void both personal and with the club.


Should you have a complaint whilst on a rally, please approach the Rally Chairman in the first instance.
If, however, you are unhappy with the outcome or wish to complain about another matter not on the rally field, please write to the Centre Secretary.
Your letter will then be addressed by the Committee and a response will be provided.