Everyone knows what happens on a rally or do they?

For new members or those who have not rallied before here is some information for a great weekend away.

A rally is a get together of Club members who meet over a weekend or holiday to promote friendship and pursue many pleasures, pastimes and sports in a light hearted manner with plenty of fun along the way. You should never feel obliged to join in anything which does not interest you – just relax and do as you please.

The Rally Marshals are ordinary members who have volunteered to organise and run the Rally. This usually includes arranging the rally, signing the approach to the rally field and sometimes organising competitions and entertainment for all ages. Water supply and facilities for the disposal of waste water and toilet emptying will always be provided.

The starting times of rallies are often listed in the handbook rally details. The time stated allows the Marshals sufficient time to prepare, so please do not arrive before this time. Where no time is given start times are 1600 hours on the first day. On arrival drive up to the marshals van, usually the first on the field, where you will get all the information you need. They will hand you your envelope containing the rally programme.

The Rally Marshal will help you site your caravan to ensure adequate spacing between units.

During the rally there is a flagpole meeting. This is where ralliers gather together to welcome new ralliers and visitors, hear results of any competitions, learn of forthcoming events and thank the marshals for organising the rally.

All you need in addition to items you would normally take to a commercial site is your own toilet and containers for fresh and waste water.

Why not give it a try?
We have some great locations in out of the way places in parts of the Suffolk countryside. We sometimes venture further afield and abroad!

If you would like to come along to a rally, call any of the Committee or marshals in the book. We all enjoy caravanning and the pleasure it gives us and would like to share our pastime with you.

The Committee,
Suffolk Centre.