Lots of myths and legends surround the rallying part of caravanning whatever organisation you have joined. “Too organised” is just one that is often banded about. So, what is “organised”? Well, yes, as part of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, you will find the marshals will organise the pitches on the field according to Club rules for spacing. This is for your personal enjoyment and safety and to allow any emergency vehicles access or a speedy departure home for a member should they need to leave early. No-one wants to be pitched up too close to their neighbour.

Every rally has its own theme, run by volunteer members, and fully advertised in the handbook, but there is no requirement for you to join in anything if you don’t want to. Be aware though that a rally with a social may incur a charge whether you attend it or not – no marshal minds being asked before you book. Sometimes the marshals will advertise the price – this can’t be done on all rallies though because costings depend on attendance. If you’re unsure you can always ring first to see if an approximate price is available.

Services available on a rally, such as electric hook-up, are clearly advertised when available but there will always be fresh drinking water, waste water and toilet waste disposal at all venues. Marshals will also advertise if the venue will be sloping where those all-important levelling blocks will be needed.

Not sure, but perhaps interested? Then have another look through and if there’s a rally on near you then why not give the marshal a call and arrange to call in and have a look around before venturing out with either your caravan or motorhome? We’ve all been a first rallier at some point, we’re a friendly bunch, and would be very pleased to see you.

Go on give it a try – you’ve nothing to lose.