1. Who will be collecting and be responsible for the data you collect on me?
    The Centre Secretary is responsible for collecting information and maintaining this in secure storage. He/she can be emailed at: secretary@suffolkcentre.co.uk or alternatively his/her contact details will be found in the Rally Handbook.
  2. Where does this data come from?
    Information on Club members wishing to join the Centre is sent by weekly report from Membership at East Grinstead. Once entered into the database a copy of the report is kept for a maximum of 4 weeks and then destroyed. Emails are deleted.
  3. What types of information are you sent and recording?
    The Club supplies via a weekly report information detailing: Membership number, Category of Member (Lead, Joint, Family), Date joining Centre, Club Membership expiry date, Members name(s), Address, Post Code, Telephone numbers supplied and Email address if supplied. Each week any changes are updated – such as change of telephone number, email etc., and every 5th week a Master Copy of all Centre Members is sent. The database only contains information from this source, no personal requests to change data is accepted.
  4. For what purpose and legitimate interest will you use my data?
    Details sent are recorded in a specific Membership Database. It will enable the Centre to post you a Handbook on joining and at year end for the next edition to all registered members. We provide an emailed Newsletter, distributed by Mail Chimp who are fully compliant. Your email address (if provided) is passed to the committee member undertaking this task. You have the option to “opt out” of receiving this and the database will be marked accordingly. Neither ourselves nor Mail Chimp will pass your details to any third party. Your details may also be passed to our Treasurer should he/she need to contact you.
    At times when membership is due to renew/lapse, details of names and email addresses will be collated by the Centre Secretary so members can be contacted with a gentle reminder.
    We also hold an Attendance Database from details supplied by Rally Marshals following your attendance. The rally details are coded and will just show your attendance at it. We provide plaques and awards to those attending a certain number of rallies in a year and milestone awards for 50th, 100th etc.
  5. Who else could my data be disclosed to?
    Your data will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Centre. It may be confirmed to a Rally Marshal for example should they need to contact you with regard to a rally booked and you have not filled in a telephone number – or it is illegible – or perhaps to confirm they are reading an email address correctly.
  6. Will you transfer my data to any other country?
    It will not be purposely transferred outside of the UK. If you have opted to receive a newsletter it may be that you may be abroad when the message is received.
  7. How are decisions made in the use of my data and are they automated?
    Use of data is as described in this document and any further decisions are made by committee only and will be placed in the minutes for all to read. No automated decisions are used.
  8. For how long will you keep my data?
    Your data will be kept “live” as long as you remain a Centre Member. Those that go void in our system by not renewing with no further information will be stored for up to one year. This is taken under advice from Head Office. However, if a member resigns from the Centre or transfers elsewhere the information is immediately deleted on receipt of the Club report. An email is sent to members either just before a membership is due to lapse or when notified that they have gone void. Should a reply be received giving relevant information, again the data is deleted. Some members forget to renew and renew sometimes several months later. At the 12-month period your data is then permanently deleted.
  9. Do I have a right to object or withdraw any of my data and if so, to whom do I apply?
    If you wish any details of your information to be deleted you should contact the Centre Secretary in writing or by email giving the information you want removed. We do need however basic contact details to enable us to contact you.
  10. Rally Booking Slips and Rally Attendance List
    The personal information you provide is collected and processed for running the Centre rally/event. By completing and signing the rally slip we assume you have the consent of other individuals listed. We will use this information to compile an Attendance List which will be for the use of Rally Marshals/Rally Chairman on the rally and passed to the Centre Treasurer with the Rally Account. The attendance list information is then passed to the Centre Secretary for inclusion in the Attendance Database held. A copy of the Attendance List is kept with the Centre accounts (7 years) and Centre Secretary (1 year).
  11. If you have any questions over this document please email: secretary@suffolkcentre.co.uk where your concerns will be addressed.