The Origin of the Suffolk Centre

Article written by: John Bull, Founder Centre Member

From the mid fifties to 1965 Caravan Rallies were organised by the Eastern Counties Centre, comprising of the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough.

During 1967 many Suffolk members decided that Suffolk should become a Centre in its own right. A request was made to the Caravan Club Headquarters and a meeting was called at Haughley Village Hall, chaired by the then Vice Chairman of the Caravan Club – Eric Barrett. After much discussion a vote was taken and 95% of Suffolk members opted for their own Centre.
A committee was formed as follows:

Chairman – Ken Bartholomew
Vice Chairman – Ted Squire
Treasurer – Fred Palmer
Secretary – Iris Bull

Committee members were Ken Blake, John Bolton, Cecil Cleaver, Derek Adams, Dave Dickson, Phil Long and John Bull.

John Bull took over the duties of Rally Secretary and prepared the first Rally Programme

To start the Centre each committee member loaned the Centre £5.00 to cover expenses.

Equipment was obtained as follows:

Rally signs made by Ted Squires
Flagpole made and presented by John Bull
White First Aid box made by Phil Long
‘Dog on Lead’ sign made by Phil Long
The Pennant was screen printed and purchased from a member at Clacton
This was later replaced by a new Pennant made and presented by Iris Bull
The china ‘Suffolk Punch’ horse was presented by Ted Squire and mounted and boxed by Phil Long
The Suffolk Punch small Pennants were designed by Fred Palmer from the Lawn Mower logo.
The Suffolk Punch tablecloth was made and presented by Iris Bull
The ‘Pennants’ tablecloth was made and presented by Ivan Howlett

Since then many committees have been formed and led by those listed below

1968 K C Bartholomew
1968 – 1973 A F Bull
1974 – 1976 D M Mowles
1976 – 1977 A F Bull
1977 – 1979 L Tofts
1979 – 1982 J M Herring
1982 – 1985 I Howlett
1985 – 1988 C Chatfield
1988 – 1989 T Hook
1989 – 1991 G Noye
1991 – 1993 D Alcock
1993 – 1996 W Ferguson
1996 – 1999 T Youngs
1999 – 2002 D Rabjohn
2002 – 2005 D Stammers
2005 – 2008 D Totman
2008 – 2011 D Pannell
2011 – 2014 B Southgate
2014 – 2017 Mrs J Kent
2017 –  G Pyett