The Suffolk Centre has launched its official Facebook page and closed group. 

This page and group is for Suffolk Centre members to keep in contact with the centre and for the centre to pass on any news or information that might be of interest to it’s members.  Please ensure you follow the Facebook page. The group is limited to Suffolk Centre members and will run alongside the existing “Friends  Of “ Facebook group.

All paid members, with a valid email address, should be receiving an email inviting them to join the group and follow the Facebook page.

When requesting to join the closed group, please ensure you provide your membership number and confirm acceptance of the rules, failure to complete these will delay acceptance of your joining request.

If you have not received the email then please search for ‘Suffolk Centre, Caravan and Motorhome Club’. The Facebook page will then give you an option to join the closed group.

In the event you encounter any problems, then please contact either the Secretary or Webmaster for assistance.