As we creep closer to our AGM in October.
The one thing, above all else, that the Centre will need if it is to survive, is a Committee to enable proposed rallies to be agreed and the general functioning of the Centre in 2024.
Come Sunday we will be three weeks to the closing of nominations on Sunday 1st October.
Please bear this in mind over the coming weeks – nomination forms are in the handbook – or you can apply to have an email version once you have agreement from 2 members willing to act as Proposer and Seconder. An electronic nomination form can be downloaded here.

Every role is open for applications, the whole committee stand down each year, and if you may be interested, but not sure of the role, you only have to ask.
Quite a few Centres have disappeared over the last few years, let’s not see Suffolk Centre go the same way.

This may sound harsh but it’s a fact of life.