I am pleased to let you know that the following nominations have been

received for the Anglia Region Committee for the forthcoming year.


Chairman              John Kent            Mid Anglia

Vice Chairman         Paul Maran           South Essex

Treasurer             Brian Clark          South Essex.


Unfortunately there were no nominations for the post of Secretary and I

would ask all members to let others know of the vacancy and see if there

is someone in your Centre who would like to be involved in the

organisation and running of the Anglia Region.


The Anglia Region AGM will be held on Sunday 12th September at 11.00am

at Chelmer VAlley High School, Court Road, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex

CM1 7ER.


All CAMC members residing in the Anglia Region are invited to attend.


The Agenda and Minutes for the meeting are now available and will be on the Regional

Website in due course. 



Kind Regards and Stay Safe