This is the current state of play on rallies today, 27th July 2020, and we hope they now explain to all members what will be involved moving forward.

On 21st July we received information from the Club about restarting rallies from the 7th August, but attached to that were forms that Centres would now have to submit before a rally could take place.

The Centre Committee felt there were issues that needed to be dealt with and all our concerns were raised to them.  We were therefore at that time not in a position to fully inform members and giving the right information is paramount.

The Club undertook a Zoom exercise among the Centres also. 

The Club have now responded and we are now able to publish a copy of what we have received.

As you can see this will impact on not only the few remaining rallies for this year but also going forward into rallies for 2021.

Attached are:

Initial Email of 21st July from the Club

Covid Guidance Form of 21st July

The Clubs email of 27th July answering the questions raised against the Risk Assessment Form and Covid Guidance from many Centres.

Copy of the Risk Assessment (together with a new Covid Assessment section ) to be completed by the Rally Marshal for each rally

Club QA on Risk Assessment completion.

We still do NOT know about any rallies where inside use of halls for socials are booked, nor do we have any further information on the running of the AGM meeting.

In fairness to all members, we ask that any questions or concerns are placed in writing or by email to the Centre Secretary ( copying in your Centre Chairman Garry Pyett (