The Centre committee has now been advised by the Club that rallies can re-commence from Friday 7th August 2020.  The date has been given with a very large HOWEVER at the end of the sentence, with very strict guidelines associated with the operation of any rally, which need to be carefully considered before deciding if we have the confidence to proceed with a rally.

They have summarised the Government guidelines in allowing a gathering of more than 30 people, on the basis that:

1.       The gathering must have been organised by a business

2.       The person responsible for organising the gathering has carried out a very detailed risk assessment (**The risk assessment must satisfy the requirements of regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999(1), whether or not the gathering organiser is subject to those Regulations – this is therefore an equivalent risk assessment to that which is conducted within a workplace with employees)

3.       The gathering organiser has taken all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, taking into account the risk assessment.


They have provided the Centres with further detailed advice, to help with the decision making, before any rally can proceed.  These are being looked through to understand the full implication to the Centre, marshals and members attending any rally.

All Centres will be required to provide a completed risk assessment form for each rally, sent to the Club for their review, no later than 7 full calendar days before the rally commences. This would mean that a rally is not confirmed but pending until such time as the assessment is reviewed and there is no objection from the Club.  This could mean a last-minute cancellation of any rally.

Further clarification is needed so this is still work in progress.

The Suffolk Centre has already cancelled all events in August, and the only remaining rallies due in September now are:  18-20 Fowlmere Village Hall, 25-27 Homestead Rally (by North Essex Centre).  The Regional AGM and rally 4-6 September has now been moved to November (date to be confirmed).