At our AGM in October 2018 mention was made of the use of splitters where EHU is available on rallies. After further discussion and with the advice from our Anglia Region this is to make members aware that connecting cables and splitters are not to be used on the rally field. The following has come from Club office.

“The Clubs stance regarding the compliance with the ‘Electrical Wiring Regulations’ and the updated requirements is that a cable supplying a caravan must be of one single length, without any connections (including splitters).  These rules are the current wiring regulations and information is also stated in the Sites Directory, that no cable connections joining two or more cables together are permitted. Guests are welcome to have an electric cable plugged in from their outfit into their awning, like many do for heaters etc.”

This applies to both members and marshals as sometimes sites allow marshals access to an electric point, which is useful for such things as the electric tea urns, for their rallies.

With insurance in doubt should any incidents occur, we would ask that you follow this request.